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Mysk – Beat 28

Posted in Chewbaka Beats by tobiaspalmer on September 19, 2009

Alright this one is definetly Premier influenced. But no way near in quality. But, it has that early gritty bad proggraming in a good way that Premier had, combined with samples that sound a bit “The Moment Of Truth” -era. I think this is from 96-97.

Mysk – Beat 28


MyOhMy – Beat 27

Posted in Chewbaka Beats by tobiaspalmer on September 19, 2009

Alright it´s been ages. Vacation and stuff is to blame. Anyway I thought I´d post a couple again, starting with this one.

This is from around 96 I think. Its an ok beat I guess, piano is always a good choice. Its not one the best ones by far. The beat programming is a bit lame, and also the choice of drum-bank.  I´d say its a bit Premier and a bit Swiff n Wessun when it comes to influences. Worth a listen anyway.

Beat 27 – MyOhMy

Morot – Beat 26

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1997 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

Lootpack. Or something similar. This one is from 97-98. I love the breathy, airy, brass tones. It´s so mellow you don´t know if you´re awake or not. I really like when 16-beat hihats work. It´s hard to program them and get that nice off beat groove.

Enjoy it:

Morot – Beat 26

Melvis – Beat 25

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1999 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

Ah yes. Someone has done something with this one. Can´t remember if it was me and my friend mc Diceptagon, or if I just did a bootleg remix with it. I´ll see if I can find the track. Anyway this one is quite good. A bit later, probably around 99. Nothing to say really, there´s also some sort of Boot Camp Click-vibe over this one. I think it´s the bass.

Melvis has left the building:

Melvis – Beat 26

Moon – Beat 24

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1997 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

Ok, this one is also around 1997. I like this one even if it´s nothing special. It´s got a good vibe, and I like the snare sound. The beats are a bit too bouncy perhaps, but its alright. I like piano, it should be used more in beats 🙂

Here you go:

Moon – Track 24

More – Beat 23

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1996 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

This is old. 96 or 97, I´m guessing. Nothing great with this one. It´s not bad, but it´s hard to see it become a classic track, hoever adds his or her voice to it. But please try! 🙂 It´s a type of beat that I have dozens of, and it is quite typical for my type beat arrangement at the time, it´s just nothing that realy grabs the attention.

Well anyway:

More – Track 23

Marulk – Beat 22

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1998 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

This one is from 98. I remember it well. I had been overdosing on Gangstarr´s “The Moment Of Truth” for a while, and it´s easy to hear. If you listen carefully you could just about hear Guru, Big Shug or Freddie Foxx 🙂 Great stuff!

Marulk – Beat 22

Mystisk – Beat 21

Posted in Chewbaka Beats 1997 by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

Alright. Back again, it´s been a while. I dug down in the older section this time, and found a couple of quite nice ones. This one is probably from around 97-98. Unfortunatley there´s some digital distortion on it due to the cd being to scratched up to read it properly. Anyway, I like this one, it´s It has a nice Black Moon-ish vibe to it. The harmonies are completely out of tune, which of course is a bit bad, but at the same time it adds to a punky old skool vibe from back then.

Check it:

Mystisk – Beat 21

G-U´s Rhyme On Track07

Posted in Mc Replies by tobiaspalmer on May 8, 2009

G-U of Elevation 420 downloaded Track07 and blessed it with some rhymes. Be sure to do the same! I want much more mc responses to the beats. Get going!!

Here it is:

G-U’s Rhyme

Also check him out on myspace:

Here´s the original track:

Track07 – Beat 19

Furious – Beat 20

Posted in CHewbaka Beats 2001 by tobiaspalmer on April 8, 2009

Long time, no post. This one is from 2001. It´s sort of semi-club, but still done with my style. I kind of like the original sample, I wonder what it is, If I recall correct, it´s Rune Gustafsson, or Björn Json Lindh. Some Swedish album anyway.  I could have done without the synth stuff I put in there. Don´t know why I did that.

Furious – Beat 20