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Foolsdemo – Beat 15

Posted in Chewbaka Beats by tobiaspalmer on March 21, 2009

This one was used for the Ship Of Fools demo track “Mic Check”, which only appeared on the L-Style record label cassette sampler from ´97 (I think). I think the beat is from ´96.  I´ll put the track up here if I can find it. Anyway, on this one a friend (Davve) helped out with the drum-programming.

Not much to say, It´s an ok beats I guess.

Foolsdemo – Beat 15


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  1. davve said, on March 21, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Yes, and I think the drum sounds also was sampled and processed the trough my Ensoniq 16+. Could have been huge, could have been huge… 😉 Nice track. It’s a joy to wake up memories like this. Did Hegge or Pirre any lyrics to this? Peace!

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