The Lost Beats Project

Various – Beat 01

Posted in Chewbaka Beats by tobiaspalmer on March 11, 2009

Let´s start off with a beat that was supposed to end up on our band´s next album. We worked on it back in… 2000 perhaps. Well the album is not released yet, so I think it´s more fun to post it here.

You can find some Jamaica influences in it, and overall it´s a very happy and new old school type of beat. I´d imagine that Jurrassic 5 was frequently played on the stereo around then, eventough the general groove and sample cut up arrangement is very much what I always did in my beats. Heavily inspired by Premier, as I was 🙂

One thing about all this; I will not be able to remember all the tracks sampled for every beat, but I guess it will just be another topic for comments.

Let´s go!

Various – Beat 01


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  1. davve said, on March 16, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    To start off: This is a fantastic idea. These beats a faaaar to good to be buried. Lost beats of a true beat king!! What can I say? The booming and smoking sounds place this up with best. No doubt. Looking forward to follow this. Peace!

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